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One-Stop Digital Agency

Know what you need? Great! If you don’t, reach out for a free consultation to learn how to achieve your business goals with help from digital marketing.

Content Marketing

From social media to blogs, we can do it all!

Community Management

We can help manage inbound messages and increase fans​

Paid Traffic

We are Facebook and Google marketing experts​

Email Marketing​

Engage current customers and win back past ones​

Reputation Management ​

Increase reviews and improve online visibility

Web Design​

From design to branding, we've got you covered!​


Digital Ads Only

$ 999 Monthly
  • Creation and management of Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads
  • $250 one-time set up fee and 15% of total monthly ad spend.
  • Minimum $1000/mo in total ad spend
  • Community management on ads
  • Monthly reporting

Business Growth

Best for businesses needing a solid digital marketing presence.
$ 2000 Monthly
  • $250 one-time set up fee and 15% of total monthly ad spend. ​
  • Facebook and/or Google Ads - Minimum $1000 a month in ad spend
  • Content creation for Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business , and 1 other platform of your choice
  • Review and Reputation management
  • Monthly reporting

Full Growth

Best for small to mid-sized businesses looking to add revenue with a digital marketing presence and implement ad spend.
$ 2750 Monthly
  • $250 one-time set up fee and 15% of total monthly ad spend. ​
  • Facebook and/or Google Ads - Minimum $1000 a month in ad spend​
  • Content creation for Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business , and 1 other platform of your choice​
  • 2 Blogs per month up to 500 words each
  • Email Marketing
  • Review and Reputation management
  • Monthly reporting

Rise to the top

Increase Sales

Effective digital marketing allows you to reach potential customers right where they hang out – online!

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The ROI Experts

We create top-notch online strategies that allow you to see real results, real fast. 

Certified Experts

100% In House

We are proud to offer complete digital marketing management – meaning you don’t have to worry about coordinating multiple teams or agencies to reach your goals. 

We Have Answers

Ask Us Anything

Our standard answer to this question is at least three months. Why? In the first three months, we’re looking at what your audience responds to, what kind of reputation your pages have, and how that’s affecting your ad spend and if there are any holes in your Customer Value Journey that we can address.

Yes! This blog post can walk you through basic troubleshooting. If you need further assistance, we’ll work with you in our set up process to reach a resolution.

We’ve conducted the research and done the math! We charge based on the services outlined in your contract and the amount of time it will take per month to carry out those services with the tools provided.

We use several tools to track and measure success including The Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, your CRM, and Facebook Ads Manager. Together these tools help paint a comprehensive picture of how our ads are moving the needle. We check analytics almost daily but as a monthly services client, you’ll receive a report every month.

Hiring an agency tends to be overall cheaper (including ad spend!) than hiring a full time team member. When you hire NTFS you get 20 years of combined marketing experience. How much do you think someone with that kind of experience would expect in terms of salary?

A customer value journey is made up of every step your ideal customer would take to reach the point of purchase. The steps go from Awareness – when they first heard of your company – all the way through Conversion to Referral & Repeat Purchasing. Thinking of your core offer’s CVJ helps us determine where marketing can facilitate the process or trigger the event and how. We can then strategize to make it happen.

Our “set up” phase is where we learn absolutely everything there is to know about you, your company, and your processes. This is really important. This information will help us sound and act like your brand would online. It also helps us set up for success by gaining access to your metrics and installing tracking software to see what’s working and what’s not. In this phase, we’ll also determine if you’re missing any key components to automate successful marketing and we’ll work with you to compile these assets.

We highly recommend that you start by booking a strategy session with us. We’ll discuss where you’re at now, what goals you hope to achieve, and how we can help you get there. At the very least, you’ll walk away with a better understanding of your company’s marketing system.

If you’ve never worked with an agency before, the first thing you need to know is that we’ll need to communicate with you often at the start of the partnership. While marketing can be automated to be a “set it and forget it” system, it certainly won’t start that way. We’ll need the answers to a lot of questions and access to a lot of information and systems you may not even know exist yet. Patience is key!

At the beginning of the partnership, we’ll need to communicate with you and your team often. Mostly, we’ll be gaining access to your platforms and reporting systems, but we’ll also need your feedback on audiences, videos, content style, etc. The longer we work together, the less questions we’ll have and the less involved you’ll have to be.

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