Case Study: Low Cost Leads For High Cost Service

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How A Marketing Funnel Can Lower Overall Lead Cost

The buying process for a high-cost service is long. People think about it, compare prices, look up reviews, budget, and even then they could end up going with your competitor! With this client, we aimed to guide a qualified audience through their customer value journey to speed up the process and overcome objections, resulting in a steady stream of leads.



The Client

Statewide Remodeling is a premium general contracting company serving the state of Texas, as well as parts of Arkansas and Oklahoma. Kitchen and bathroom remodels are their bread and butter, but they also take on patio, siding, roofing, and window replacement projects. They sell and install extremely high-quality materials, like the Kohler walk-in shower and tubs product lines. They contacted No Time for Social to help them improve their online reputation and generate new leads.



The Problem

When we initially started working with Statewide, they didn’t have a customer review process. Consequently, only very angry customers were motivated enough to leave a review. Fixing this was our number one priority since it, in turn, affected potential customers’ ability to trust the company.


Our second challenge was nurturing our audience so they were ready to convert. Because remodels are very pricey, we needed to find people who were not only serious about receiving a quote but were willing to pay for high-quality products and installation services.


Third: We did not have control over or even analytics access to their website, which made lead attribution and tracking very difficult. We needed a way to see and interpret our analytics first hand.



Our Solution

First, we worked with project managers across their four main locations in Texas to implement a customer review generation process. This meant that employees on-site, who personally knew the customer, asked their happiest, most loyal customers to leave a review on Google.


Once this system was in place, we were in a better position to implement a marketing funnel whose sole objective was to pin-point interested audience members and nurture them until they were ready to request a quote. In this particular instance, we found that a three-step funnel integrating their blog, their project images, and their specials converted the best.


Lastly, we installed the Facebook Pixel and gained access to Google Analytics to better track our progress and see where our audience was going. We also switched to a Facebook Lead Ads bottom-of-funnel in order to maintain accurate lead attribution.




All four locations increased their Google star ratings, and 3 out of 4 locations reached at least 4.0 stars.


Our first month running this funnel, we generated 14 leads for free quotes. We collected names, emails, phone numbers, and project types. Because of the high earning potential per lead, the client would need to convert only one lead every other month to recoup the complete digital marketing cost. In the months following, results only escalated with our best month generating 24 leads. In total, over nine months, we gathered 170 leads.

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