Case Study: Integrated Marketing Yields Better Results

integrated marketing using facebook ads and email

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Facebook Ads + Email = High Quality Leads

Combining Facebook Ads with follow-up Email Marketing campaigns can be a cost-effective way to nurture and generate viable, qualified leads. This is especially true for costly services or large purchases which tend to have a longer, more involved customer value journey.



The Client

Moore Family Law Group (MFLG) is a rapidly growing, female-led law firm based in Corona, California. They help professionals with family law cases including but not limited to divorce, prenuptial agreements, mediation, custody, and spousal support. They focus on using smart, tactical, legal strategies to help people through this difficult time in their lives. MFLG contacted No Time for Social to help increase brand awareness in their service area and generate interest in new clients.



The Problem

The main issue was how to acquire new clients with little to no assets, a brand new website, and limited audiences. On top of that, because they’re a small business, their budget was limited in their first year working with us.



Our Solution

We first focused on building assets that we knew would be interesting to people in our target audience. By focusing on educating and offering free resources at first, we were able to build brand awareness and foster trust. In our first couple of months working with them, we built a viable audience that could potentially convert into real clients.


Because of the limited budget, we turned to email marketing to help supplement the Facebook ads. This is a great resource for small businesses since the tech fees are low and paired with a strong message and the right people, it can lead to great results. We typically send an email campaign centered around the requested download and one monthly newsletter to the subscribers.


The combination of Facebook ads and email marketing ended up being exactly what the audience needed since the customer value journey for this audience is longer than usual (it may take weeks rather than days for a potential client to book a free case evaluation).




We’ve been working this system with MFLG for a full year now and the results are still improving. Each month, we get anywhere from 30 to over 90 download requests through Facebook for an assortment of different guides ranging from custody tips to letter templates. This varies by season and depends on the guide featured that month.


We average a cost of $4 per download which gives us the potential client’s name, email, phone number, and their case type (divorce, custody, etc). This means we have a very healthy, large, and detailed email list. This began to yield case evaluation requests about 4 months after the ads started and we get at least 4 requests per month from qualified, high-quality leads.


The client’s budget is $300/month.

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