Case Study: Using Facebook Lead Ads to Acquire New Customers

Balance Claims Case Study 4

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Facebook Lead Ads Makes Converting New Customers Easy

Facebook lead ads are a simple and effective way to boost sales and generate profits. In contrast to other lead generating tools such as landing pages or opt-in forms, Facebook lead ads create a seamless experience for potential customers without using a separate website and worrying about load times, intimidating forms, etc.



The Client

Balance Claims, LLC is a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) firm focused exclusively on assisting contractors manage their businesses. As a third-party claims administrator and specialized consultancy, they help contractors save time and money by offloading the management of their claims administration including both the estimates and supplements work processes. Balance Claims contracted No Time for Social to help build their digital presence through increased awareness and acquire new customers.



Our Strategy

Facebook lead ads are exclusively run on mobile devices, meaning they do not display to users that access Facebook on a desktop. After researching the core target audience for Balance Claims, we learned that the majority of social media users exclusively used their mobile device to access their social media accounts which made lead ads our primary choice to get new customers.  In addition to figuring out how the target audience used social media, we also looked at demographic data including job titles, income levels and location. By using a targeted audience approach, we were able to increase the effectiveness and quality of the Facebook leads generated.




Leads Generated: 716

Date Range: September 17, 2016 – December 2017

Cost Per Lead: $19.97

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